Harmer Shower Drains

Harmer Shower Drains offer a range high performance shower and channel drain systems for both shower and wet room drainage applications. Available in a selection of design styles and finishes, which fully meet both the practical and design elements you require from a modern shower drainage system. 
Harmer Shower Aluminium Drains 
Harmer Aluminium Shower Floor Outlets are precision engineered to establish the highest possible performance standards for versatility, choice and durability offering
architects, specifiers and consultants exceptional benefits. The Harmer Aluminium Shower Drain range offers a mix of precision engineered metal components chosen for their durability and aesthetic characteristics. The range is available with a choice of vertical or horizontal outlets and is suitable for both tiled and flexible sheet flooring applications. In independent tests, flow performances of up to 1.3 litres per second (80 litres perminute) have been recorded.
Harmer Shower ABS Drains 
Harmer ABS Shower Floor Outlets combine high performance, innovative design and value engineering to establish class-leading standards in drainage. Manufactured in ABS plastic compound for corrosion resistance with under-ribbed flange for extra strength. The range of top accessible caps is suitable for both tiled or sheet floor applications. Attractive mirror finish and ABS caps are available in practical plain, quadrant or pebble finishes.
Harmer Shower Stainless Steel Drains
The Harmer stainless steel Outlet drainage range offers a mix of sophisticated elegance and advanced engineering to meet all the practical, aesthetic and functional demands of today’s
contemporary shower and wet rooms, and at the same time removing the need for conventional shower trays.
Harmer Shower Stainless Steel Channels
Harmer Stainless Steel shower channels offer an excellent solution for new wet room designs, removing the requirement for the traditional shower basins. This enables better use of limited space and Quattro Grate can give extra design style to contemporary bathroom designs.
Harmer Linearis Channel
The sleek, clean lines of the Linearis Slimline 40 and Slimline 60 channels will complement and enhance the tiling pattern in any shower or wet room. 
Harmer Linearis Gulley 
The Harmer Linearis range of shower gullies presents the opportunity to select a gully to coordinate with your room styling. There are 3 types to choose from:
1. Invisible features a recessed cover which can easily be tiles to minimise the appearance of the drain and blend it in with the adjacent tiles.
2. Oval conveys elegance to add a touch of luxury to the wet room or shower.
3. Geo represents a contemporary symmetrical design which will complement any modern scheme.
The range of Shower Drains available from Harmer means there’ll be something for any shower and wetroom application imaginable, and with innovation, quality and full industry compliance as standard these Harmer shower drains offer shower drainage solutions which are second to none.

If you have ANY questions about our products, or want to give us some feedback about your shopping experience with us, please feel free to contact us on 0330  2231731 or email:

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