Deepflow150 Life4

Marley Life4 Deepflow150 155 x 98mm semi-elliptical system, is a larger version of the Deepflow profile and is ideal for small to medium commercial projects, flats and industrial applications. Capable of carrying up to 6.0 litres a second. Deepflow150 can be installed using a notched or notchless joint.

Life4 – the performance standard The benchmark for weathering tests for rainwater systems is set out within the European standards*. The weathering test essentially mimics actual conditions, but also accelerates them in order that long term performance may be assessed. Life4 products have been assessed and can perform up to four times longer than standard PVCu.

Life4 – the science of production Life4 uses a higher specification material to form a capping layer on the outside of the gutter or pipe. This material is by its very nature more durable and has a high gloss finish. The inside layer of the product is standard PVCu. The overall system contains a minimum 15% recycled material.

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