Cast iron Gutters

Cast Iron gutters are available to purchase from three main categories, Alumasc, Hargreaves and Saint Gobain PAM UK. All cast iron gutters are available in primer finish for on site painting or black semi gloss. Other colours are available upon request.

Cast iron is an iron alloy created with pig iron that has been heated until it becomes liquid. Silicon and carbon are added throughout the manufacturing process to enhance the final product's physical characteristics. Cast iron gutters are made through such processes which result in durable products of exceptional quality.

Cast iron gutters come in a wide range of options on the market. These cast iron gutters come in a variety of shapes, including plain half-round, deep flow half-round, Victorian, and moulded ogee half-round. Additionally, you will be able to find them in a variety of sizes to meet your precise needs. They are also supplied with all the necessary extras, including union joints, outlets, and brackets. 

The primary reason for using cast iron gutters is their capacity to collect rainwater from your roof and divert it away from your building. If your gutter system was correctly designed, the siding, fascia, and paint of your home can stay dry while the water is kept out from underneath the foundation by a properly constructed rain gutter system drain.

What are the advantages of Cast Iron Gutters?

When compared to other gutter types, using cast iron gutters offers many advantages. These are listed below:

Natural: The fact that they are natural is one of their main advantages. The environment won't be harmed in any manner as a result of them. They may also be entirely recycled thanks to this.

Durability: Cast iron gutters have a reputation for being durable. They are strong and because of their strength, they can adjust to a variety of situations. The cast iron gutters will be able to serve you at their peak level in this manner. Additionally, they will last for a very long time. They will undoubtedly last you for decades, if not a century if you have taken the necessary precautions to install the gutter systems correctly and have also taken very minimal care with regard to maintaining them.

Numerous more features contribute to the aesthetic attractiveness of cast iron gutters, which is one of the main reasons why homeowners favor them. 

If installed correctly, they will be able to survive any weather conditions without suffering any damage.

Cast iron gutters weigh more than uPVC gutters, which may be expected. Though the heavier material isn't necessarily a benefit, it does make these gutters more enduring and long-lasting. As long as they are consistently maintained, these heavier gutters cause no additional maintenance issues and won't strain at your fascia boards.

Gutters made of cast iron are incredibly simple to maintain and fix. It's quite easy to perform routine maintenance on your gutters to keep them in top shape for a longer period of time. If you're concerned about the environment, cast iron is completely recyclable if you decide to acquire new gutters in the future.

To choose the right model and type for your needs, you have a wide range of options below to select from.

Alumasc Cast Iron Systems

Alumasc Water Management is one of the UK's market leading manufacturers of Aluminium, Cast Iron and Steel gutters and downpipes. A complete range of polyester powder coated aluminium gutters, downpipes and integrated fascia / soffits is available to suit both contemporary and traditional architecture, with everything being designed to meet industry standards whilst exceeding expectations in terms of durability, design and performance.

Hargreaves Cast Iron Systems

Hargreaves Foundry Drainage is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of cast iron drainage products. These range from traditional rainwater and soil products through to modern, socketless, above and below ground systems. Our Halifax Soil and Drain range (BS EN 877) is certified to international standards by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and BSI Kitemark.

Saint Gobain PAM UK

Saint-Gobain PAM is the premier manufacturer of ductile iron and cast iron products which supplies the UK's key utilities, telecoms, highways, civil engineering, construction and housing companies.

If you have ANY questions about our Cast Iron Gutters, or want to give us some feedback about your shopping experience with us, please feel free to contact us on 0330  2231731 or email: sales@guttercentre.co.uk

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