Aluminium Deck Support Frame

Aluminium Deck Support Frame is used as an alternative to a timer frame and allows a support height as low as 25mm, whilst still adhering to the stringent industry loading criteria of 4kN/m².

Using an aluminium sub-frame means your decking will not bow or become bouncy between supports/pedestals. and decking supports can be spaced over a metre apart when using the 72mm high Aluminium Joist. What’s more, Aluminium is far lighter than timber, meaning aluminium decking joists will impose far less weight on any supporting roof structures than traditional sub-frames.

Large timber structures, such as decking and its substructure, pose a considerable fire risk. Which is a particularly sizable consideration on the balconies and terraces of high-rise buildings. But it doesn't need to be with aluminium: a non-combustible material that won’t burn or rot, which means it safe to use in most areas and requires little maintenance.

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