Fuel Supply Systems

PLX is a complete range of specialist welded pipework systems for the safe transfer of fuels and their vapours.​ ​

PLX is suitable for use with traditional fuels such as leaded and unleaded petroleum and diesel, as well as alternative fuels such as bio-diesel, E10, E85 and a range of other fuel oils. PLX provides a specialist solution for fuel transfer across a variety of applications including forecourts, back-up power generators, rail, marine and off-grid power.​ ​

A multi-layered polyethylene composite pipe system offering an internal permeation barrier, PLX is available in both single-wall and secondary-contained options, and is specifically designed to provide maximum permeation protection to the environment. PLX is fully complient with the Energy Institute (Institute of Performance Systems) and conforms to EN14125 regulations.

Through continuous innovation over 25 years, PLX offers a range of system options each tailored for specific applications in conveying fuels and their vapours.

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