Harmer Soil & Waste

The Harmer SML lightweight cast iron pipework system is dry-jointed, Agrément certified, and has a proven track record for above-ground drainage. With its comprehensive range of fittings and accessories, SML is the ideal soil and waste system which can also be used for rainwater installations.
All-Round Flexibility 
The Harmer SML system consists of coated, socketless cast iron pipes and fittings simply joined with either ductile iron or stainless steel rubber-lined couplings. The range also includes bracketry for restraining the pipework vertically and supporting it horizontally, along with a choice of special connectors for linking with other materials.
Harmer SML provides value for money throughout the building life cycle, incorporating high performance materials, ease of installation and ease of access for maintenance. Consequently, the SML system continues to be successfully used in market sectors ranging from hospitals, healthcare premises, commercial premises, offices, schools, industrial projects to civil engineering works and housing. 
All-Round Standards 
Harmer SML fully conforms to BS EN 877, the European standard for cast iron pipes and fitting along with conformity with the CE mark. In addition, Harmer SML has been awarded a British Board of Agrément certificate for couplings, pipes and fittings.
A correctly installed Harmer SML system will meet the performance standards set by BS EN 12056, the code of practice for gravity drainage systems that covers sanitary pipework and roof drainage inside buildings. Consequently, the SML drainage pipe system is eminently suitable for all drainage applications required within buildings in the UK. SML is also officially approved for use in numerous other countries including Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and the Ukraine.
Harmer LCC Traditional Cast Iron Soil & Waste Systems. Alumasc has taken the original processes for the casting of iron, and combined them with modern manufacturing techniques to produce a product fully attuned to today’s refurbishment requirements.
Harmer LCC incorporates all the inherent characteristics of cast iron, plus dimensional accuracy and a consistent standard of finish for the final site installation. An extensive range of fittings and accessories provides great flexibility in installation, while special detailing requirements can be catered for through Alumasc’s fabrication and pattern making workshops.
Alumasc has also perfected the welding of cast iron, so that fittings or offsets to suit a particular situation can be specially fabricated where the alternative of making a pattern would not be economic.
Key Benefits Of Harmer LCC Traditional Cast Iron
Ideal for itemised replacement of existing LCC systems
Manufactured to original imperial dimensions
Supplied ready painted
Comprehensive range of fittings
Unique specials manufacture and fabrication
Harmer LCC soil and waste pipes and fittings are factory-dipped in bitumen in accordance with BS 416. Where gloss painting is required, it is advisable to contact us Alumasc Technical Services.

The Compatible Ranges
Harmer AV Aluminium Roof Outletsare high performance outlets with circular flanges, suitable for all regular flat roofing applications with continuous membranes. They are available with spigot or screw connection, for vertical,
horizontal or 45 degree discharge. 
Harmer Detail Aluminium Roof Outletsare for applications such as balconies and car parks, with two-way outlets available for use where the roof surface abuts a wall or parapet.
Harmer Cast Iron Roof Outletsprovide a practical solution to many building drainage applications. Available in medium sump and large sump bodies, two-way outlets and an extensive range of load bearing grates.
Harmer Floor Drainscomprise drain bodies in powder coated aluminium, together with an extensive range of grates (including round and square configurations) available in stainless steel or nickel bronze.The range is suited to virtually any interior drainage application and all types of flooring. The drain bodies are available either trapped or untrapped, with vertical or horizontal spigot connection, and with or without side outlets for connection to sink, bath, shower
wastes, etc. 
Harmer Shower Drainsare a high performance range of Aluminium and ABS antimicrobial shower drains for concrete or timber floors in both refurbishment and new build projects. Available with a choice of attractive caps and grates to
suit individual project requirement.
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