Hunter Downpipes

Gutter centre offers the complete range of guttering from Hunter Plastics. The Hunter rainwater system includes Hunter Half Round, Hunter Squareflo, Hunter 125 (A deeper profile), Hunter Regency (For style & volume), Hunter Foundry Finish (A cast iron effect look), Hunter Highflo (For greater volumes) and Hunter Stormfo (The big one). 

All Hunter rainwater systems are manufactured to BS EN 607 and downpipe systems are manufactured to BS EN 1220 and carry kitemark certification where indicated. Advanced technology on the key profiles and integral pivoted clips which allow fast thumb ‘clip lock’ assembly combine to make the Hunter rainwater system range the most comprehensive on the market today.

The Hunter Rainwater range includes the following:
•Fixing wings allow fast fixing for hand and power tools
•Intergral pivoted clips – allows fast thumb clip lock assembly
•Compatible with most metal or plastic systems
•Recessed, pre-lubricated seals are robust and watertight

The choice of size and profile means that the Hunter range includes a system for almost any building or application. 

Rainfall intensity
The Building Regulations 2002 Approved Document H and BS EN 12056-3: 2000 provide detailed information on rainfall throughout the UK by geographical location and frequency of occurrence. The flow rates for Hunter pvcu gutter systems have been determined from tests carried out in accordance with the test procedure in BS EN 12056-3: 2000.

Gutter selection
Although aesthetic appearance is an important aspect in the selection of a particular gutter system, the following factors also need to be taken into consideration as they could influence the final choice of system.
1. The size of gutter and its flow capacity.
2. Whether the gutter is fitted level or to a fall.
3. If end or centre outlet position for downpipes are adopted.
4. The length of gutter to an outlet/downpipe.

Flow capacity
The maximum flow capacity of different Hunter gutter systems can be compared using the tables available in the brochure.
The capacity of each system varies depending on profile, size and whether the gutter is fitted level or to a fall. For design purposes eaves gutters are normally sized to ensure the calculated run-off does not exceed 90% of the gutter capacity. It also recommended that gutters are fixed level as this enables the gutter to be fitted as high as possible to ensure the correct relationship is maintained at the roof edge.

Effects of Valleys
Where valleys occur it is good practice to position an outlet adjacent to the internal angle to deal with the concentrated discharge that is likely as such points during peak flow conditions. Depending on the size of roof it may also be beneficial to fit a corner hopper where the flow is considerable. 

Rainwater pipe sizes
Always check the size of downpipe has been selected to meet the necessary capacity to accommodate the maximum flow from any of our gutter systems.

If you have ANY questions about our products, or want to give us some feedback about your shopping experience with us, please feel free to contact us on 0330  2231731 or email: sales@guttercentre.co.uk

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