ACO Building Drainage 

ACO Building Drainage specialises in the development of corrosion resistant drainage systems and building products for applications across the internal and external built environments. Engineered to eliminate design risk, to optimise installation and to minimise lifetime ownership cost, every product in the range delivers exceptional levels of performance, finish and durability.
ACO provide specialist drainage, grease management and fire-proofing systems that provide safe and hygienic solutions across a range of sectors including hospitals, chemical production, food and drink manufacture, leisure centres, laboratories and catering facilities, ACO Building Drainage has had unparalleled success over a number of years. In addition ACO provide stainless steel decorative tree grills, laser cut curved gratings and wet room drainage systems to complement settings that demand the highest aesthetic finish.
The built environment is becoming ever more complex. Applications are becoming more sophisticated and the increasing pressure of egulations and standards make achieving design, performance and financial goals ever tougher. The technical expertise, global resources and fabrication capacity within the ACO Building Drainage division make it possible for architects, engineers and contractors to realise the highest quality and value when selecting from our standard products, or, when using our engineered solution design service.

ACO Building Drainage is a Division of the UK based ACO Technologies plc and part of the worldwide ACO Group.

The ACO Building Drainage Range consists of:
Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel Channels
Stainless Steel Gullies
Pipe Systems
Roof / Balcony Drainage
Wetroom & Shower Drainage
Grease Management Systems
Anti-flood Backflow Protection Systems
Lifting Stations
Increasingly extreme weather demands ever more complex drainage concepts in the sense of integrated wastewater management. ACO achieves this with intelligent system solutions which work in both directions: protecting people from water, and water from people. Every ACO product within the ACO system chain therefore safely controls the water as it passes along the chain to ensure that our most valuable resource can be ecologically and economically reused in a sensible way. 
Market sectors
ACO Building Drainage are a specialist manufacturer of engineered and engineered solution drainage systems for internal and external applications in the built environment covering a wide range of construction market sectors.
Industrial / Commercial / Infrastructure
Type of application Factories / Hotels / Offices / Airports / Car Parks / Railways / Chemical / Pharmaceutical

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