Alumasc Low Modulus 310cc Dow Corning 791 Silicone Sealant
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Alumasc Low Modulus 310cc Dow Corning 791 Silicone Mastic is used as a protective seal at interfaces for all Alumasc Rainwater Systems.
Cast gutters generally overlap at the joint with a spigot and socket. Slots are provided for fixing by bolts, nuts and washers to provide support and retention of the union, together with a suitable sealant. Thoroughly clean joints and wipe dry. Unpainted cast gutters should be primed (Dow Corning 1200, Feb Primer No. 5). 
Apply sufficient sealant between the gutter and the socket union clip so that some squeezes out of the joint when tightened. A minimum 3mm thickness should be applied right across the joint and around the holes. Screws in the sole should be tightened first. Do not overtighten screws. 
Manufacturer: Alumasc

Product Code: SS991
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