Fluted Large Rainwater Hopper Head
£ 55.45 (Inc VAT £66.54)
Fluted Large Aluminium Rainwater Head/ Hopper HT 230mm x Width 295mm x Depth 230mm to suit 63mm, 75mm, 75mm x 75mm & 75mm x 50mm downpipes only.
Aluminium Hoppers are used to increase the capacity of the rainwater downpipes, but can also be used to improve the aesthetics of the exterior of a building.
We supply a standard range of aluminium hoppers that are available in five hopper sizes / profiles. Hoppers are available in both plain and embellished with a stylish motif, date numerals, lettering or a bespoke design.
All our rainwater heads/ hoppers complement our range of gutters and rainwater pipes and are available Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) in a RAL colour of your choice and in a textured black finish.
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