The CARO name has become familiar to most specifiers since 1985 and has established itself with quality products and economic pricing. The formation of CAROFLOW LIMITED, with personnel who have many years experience in the design and manufacture of roof and floor drainage products, has enabled their accrued knowledge to be brought together and resulted in a comprehensive range of high quality,engineered outlets that will give added security to the problems of the safe and secure removal of water, both on and within today's higher specification buildings.
CAROFLOW Flat Roof and Floor Drainage Outlets ensure a watertight connection between the water/damp proofing membranes and the drainage pipework, thereby removing the problem of water penetration at this critical junction. The outlets provide a ready made,engineered sump that is mechanically sealed to the membranes and then connect that sump securely to the pipework.
CAROFLOW is an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assured company and as such is able to give complete confidence to the specifier. The following pages detail the current range of CAROFLOW products, full dimensions, 1:5 scale drawings, connection recommendations and some typical applications. It cannot, however, show all the “specials” that have been produced over the years to suit certain specifiers requirements. 
CAROFLOW Floor Drainage outlets are manufactured to the highest standards to give superb products that combine superior corrosion resistant materials with an aesthetically pleasing finish and the assurance of performance expected from all CARO products.
Trapped and Un-Trapped Floor Drains
Both body and clamp are manufactured in LM6 Aluminium alloy (silicon based, corrosion resistant)that is then pre-treated before being electrostatically powder coated and oven baked. Available with a large selection of Grating Options.
Advantage – Integrally Trapped Economic Drains
Designed to offer integrally trapped drainage,combined with superb quality, ease of use and lower costs. Available with a large selection of Gratings.
Quality Stainless Steel Gratings
Extremely aesthetically pleasing grates, designed foruse with all versions of the Trapped and Un-Trapped Floor Outlets and the range of ADVANTAGE Drains. Highest quality Stainless Steel material.
CaroLoLine Shower Drains
CaroLoLine Shower Outlets are suitable for installation in sheet flooring or tiled floor finishes and provide an extremely aesthetic solution to the problem of robust metal trapped drainage from high performance shower units, within a very shallow void in which to install and drain from.
Caro Traditional Shower Drains
Also suitable for installation in sheet flooring or tiled floor finishes. Having been supplied and installed for many years they have a proven history of trapping and draining in a limited height situation.

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