Lindab Copper Guttering

Lindab Rainline is also available in pure natural copper, which comprises of half round copper gutters in three dimensions (100mm, 125mm & 150mm) and a box rectangular copper gutter. There are choice of two copper downpipe sizes (75mm or 87mm diameter) and a range of copper fittings & accessories.
Lindab copper Guttering is suitable for large or small buildings and both heritage or contemporary dwellings with a life expectancy of 50 years plus.
Copper has been used throughout the century’s and has an added value with its changing appearance over time depending on the elements. With an extremely long lifespan and highly resistant to corrosion, copper guttering has been the preferred choice of both designers and architects looking for that grand design. 
Copper Guttering Unique Features:
• Environmentally friendly, on average 70% of the copper plate consists of recycled copper  
• Fully recyclable 
• Safe to use and can be worked at extreme temperatures
• Highly corrosion resistance to acidic rain  
• Low thermal co-efficient of expansion 
• Safe to use and can be worked at extreme temperature
When copper is exposed to all weathers, it protects itself by developing a patina. Unlike many other materials, Lindab Copper Gutter systems do not suffer from underside corrosion, being a pure rolled out material that does not rust.

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