Gatic Civil Drainage 

Gatic is a global leader in engineered surface water drainage and access covers. Established since 1928, our highly specified civil drainage range is well recognised for innovation, quality and performance across many prestigious projects in the construction, transport and utility markets.
Our range includes engineered gas and air-tight access covers, heavy duty access covers, Slotdrain surface water drainage systems, channel drainage and linear drainage. Our gas and airtight access covers are the international standard, while our flagship Slotdrain hexagonal channel profile was originally developed in conjunction with industry professionals from the airport sector. Gatic products and systems help to keep the world’s major ports and airports open.
We are constantly improving and developing our range to match the demands of ever-increasing weight and volume of traffic and provide the ultimate protection in severe weather conditions.
Rain to Drain solution
Gatic’s innovative range of surface water drainage is also supplied by Alumasc Group, under its umbrella brand: Alumasc Water Management Solutions (AWMS).
AWMS is a leading brand in the industry for proven water management. It harnesses the expertise of four trusted brands:
• Skyline (Fascia, Soffit and Copings)
• Alumasc Rainwater (Gutters and Downpipes)
• Harmer Building Drainage
• Gatic Civil Drainage
Uniquely, these four brands represent a complete rain to drain solution which starts at the roof and deals with water from its source: capturing, cleansing, controlling, and channelling water safely back into the water course. It is the kind of joined up thinking we adopt at the design stage to help protect our buildings, people and environment from changes in our climate and increasing levels of rainfall.
Gatic Civil Drainage Applications
Gatics market leading range of surface water drainage ensures they can provide the best solution for your commercial or domestic projects. Below is a summary of the various applications our range covers.
In a climate where we are experiencing more frequent and extreme rainfall, it is increasingly important our roads, pavements, motorways and other similar infrastructure are protected from the build up of excess rainwater. All products are designed to manage the discharge of surface water efficiently and effectively. 
Landscaping and Pedestrian Schemes
Landscaping and pedestrian schemes include domestic driveways and paved areas. For these projects the aesthetics and design of the slot or channel drain is important to ensure it is discreet and fits seamlessly with the surrounding environment.
Car Parks
In car parks, slow turning traffic and a constant flow of vehicles make for a demanding and harsh environment for any surface water drainage system. Strength and durability of the slot or channel drain are essential in these high traffic areas.
Highways and Motorways
Highways and motorways are under constant strain from heavy traffic and vehicles of various sizes. It’s important the surface drainage can manage large volumes of rainfall so that the road remains free and safe from excess water.
Distribution Yards and Industrial Units
Distribution yards and industrial units typically have large surface areas to drain and must cope with heavy loads manoeuvering on a daily basis.
Shopping Centres and Retail Parks
Shopping centres and retail parks need unobtrusive but effective drainage to maintain an attractive environment. Looks, style and performance are all important characteristics for these projects.
Petrol Stations and Forecourts
Petrol stations and forecourts mean wide open spaces and
constant weight of traffic. Robustness of the slot or channel
drain is essential.
Bus Terminals
Bus terminals and public transport facilities place heavy demands on surfaces and infrastructure. Strength and reliability are key criteria.
Container Ports and Distribution Yards
Container ports and distribution yards are extremely hostile environments, pounded continuously by tractor and trailer units. Our robust range of slotdrain and channel systems have been specifically developed with this in mind.
Ports and Docks
Large ports and dock facilities are occupied by heavy, slow moving cranes that place high demands on the surface drainage. Only products with the highest specification are fit for this purpose.
Airports around the world are seeing movements increase year-on-year and aircraft weights reaching new heights. With super jumbos like the Airbus A380, airside drainage is ever more of a challenge.
Gatic Civil Drainage Overview
The core business has traditionally been driven by our success in meeting the heavy demands of the world’s major ports and airports. Gatic’s Slotdrain* hexagonalchannel profile was originally developed in conjunction with industry professionals from the airport sector.
The concept has proved infinitely scalable and has been developed into a comprehensive range of products suitable for smaller projects such as landscaping schemes, shopping developments and parking facilities.
The current Slotdrain range consists of CastSlot, UltraSlot, PaveSlot and FacadeSlot for total design flexibility, and includes complementary accessories. All channels are manufactured in 3 metre, 1 metre and 0.5 metre lengths of galvanised steel, benefitting from fewer joints nd improved flow performance. Bespoke units
are available on request to suit specific design requirements and are also available in stainless steel.
Gatic Slotdrain channels are suitable for applications up to F900 (depending on the system type). The hexagonal profile ensures our systems can handle everything from a rain drop to a rainstorm with similar efficiency. The V-shaped channel base aids a self-cleansing flow, and a tapered throat helps prevent blockages.

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