Hargreaves MECH 416 Soil 67.5 Degree Single Equal Branches
£ 50.01 (Inc VAT £60.01)

MECH 416 Soil 67.5 Degree single equal branches, available in 100mm x 100mm diameter.

Mech 416 Soil is a mechanically jointed range of socketless pipes and fittings suitable for above ground soil and waste installations. The Mech 416 system is used frequently for the refurbishment of apartments, offices and multi-story car parks.

Quiet in operation, compared to other soil systems, the Mech 416 is also lighter and easier to handle, but still retains the inherent strength and longevity of traditional cast iron. No sound insulation is required, unlike alternative materials.

Manufacturer: Hargreaves

Product Code: MS4025

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