Harmer Insulated Roof Outlets

Harmer Insulated Outlets are for use where the requirement is to eliminate condensation forming on the underside of the outlet due to cold bridging – mainly in metal deck warm and inverted roof installations.
  • For use as an alternative to metal outlets in metal deck warm and inverted roof installations 
  • Insulated outlets eliminate condensation forming on the underside of the outlet due to cold bridging 
  • Available with a flexiable connecting membrane fused to the outlet body to seal to bituminous or single ply flat roof waterproof membrane
  • An alternative to the connecting membrane is a clamping ring for sealing specialised single-ply membranes into outlet mouth 
Performance Installation & Fixing
  • High insulation value of outlet body reduces heat loss One piece outlet body provides completely watertight connection between roof membrane and rainwater pipe
  • Flange connection to flat roof membrane creates a fully watertight connection
  • Domical grate permits free flow of rainwater vertical, horizontal and graduated vertical spigot configerations available
  • Option to include a thermostatically controlled heating element for ultimate control in cold conditions
Materials & Finishes
  • Rigid polyurethane foam body fused with elas-tomeric bitumen flange. Alternative flange specifcations available for PVC, EDPM, TPO, and EM roofing membranes
  • Supplied with black polyamide domical grate as standard aluminium flat grates available for use in inverted roofs where outlet is covered by paving on raised supports
  • A polyurethane extension piece, with bonded connecting flange, caters for alternative insulation thicknessses 
Installation & Fixing
  • East to handle and fix
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

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