SAiGE Composite Decking

SAiGE’s Longlife Composite Decking is an environmentally sourced alternative to more traditional timber decking that looks and cuts just like wood but with added advantages of no splinters, rotting or warping, no need for sanding, painting or sealing and above all, we are so confident in our product that it comes with a premium warranty.
SAiGE’s Composite Decking has many key advantages including the following:
Child Friendly
Free of Toxic Additives
Hidden fixing system
Heat resistant
10 Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
Expected Lifespan of over 25 years
Environmentally Friendly
Made from Recycled Materials
Really Low Maintenance
No need to paint, sand and seal each year
Cheaper than conventional wood over time
Easy To Install & Cut
Consistent in size and shape
2 Style Options on One board
Vastly Out-Performs Wood, Whilst Maintaining a Wood-Like Appearance
Slip Resistant
Eliminates warping, splitting, woodworm and rotting
Fungi and mould growth are drastically reduced over conventional lumber
Consistent Product Colour
Resistance to insect and termite attacks
Low Water Absorption rate of approximately 0.5% whilst wood can be up to 100%
Garden Decking for Residential use
Garden Decking is a hollow decking board and is our most popular decking with a range of colours available (Charcoal, Oak, Redwood or Grey).  SAiGE provides 2 different boards in a wide or narrow groove with a smooth alternative side (with a brush finish) which can also be used giving customers a number of options for their decking.
Garden decking is available in a choice of 4 colours and 3 finishes in 3.6m lengths boards, it is 143mm wide and is 23mm thick.  The colours available are Charcoal, Oak, Redwood and Grey with either a wide, narrow groove or smooth brushed finish (available as the reverse side on either the wide or the narrow groove profile of the boards).
Please note that the boards will fade by approximately 10%-15% after installation within the first 2-3 months, after this the colour pigments stabalise.
SAiGE’s hollow decking is the perfect alternative for traditional timber decking and can be used on a variety of decking situations including balconies, as outside dining areas in gardens and around swimming pools and hot tubs.
Solid Decking can be used in conjuction with the hollow Garden Decking as a trim, as a border or even for making steps as the solid boards are the same dimensions as the hollow decking (only available in narrow or smooth alternative side).
Solid Decking for Commercial & Marina Use
Our Solid Decking can be used for Commercial and Marine environments and is used for public spaces, it is a solid product which is hard wearing and suitable for any deck in a commercial or public environment.
Our commercial decking is available in stock in 3.6m lengths in Charcoal, Oak, Redwood and Grey or longer and shorter lengths are available upon request minimum lead time 10 weeks (and minimum order quantities required). Please note that the boards will fade by approximately 10%-15% after installation within the first 2-3 months, after this the colour pigments stabilise.
For marine environments the decking it is ideal for marinas and wharfs with its anti-slip and water resistant properties, it is a product that can outlast wood for many years.
Solid Decking can also be used in conjunction with the Garden Decking for making steps and as a solid border or trim and is the same dimensions as the garden decking.
See below for SAiGE’s current Composite Deck Boards range.
Colours: We have 6 colours of decking board on offer, in our traditional range we have Charcoal | Oak | Redwood | Grey & new Grained Grey 2-Tone.
Type: We provide Solid Decking for commercial purposes (also great for edge boards & uprights) and Hollow Decking for domestic settings.
Profile: See below for our current profiles. All profiles have a smooth alternative side which is aesthetically effective when used in conjunction with the grooved side, such using it as a perimeter or on alternate boards (except the grained board shown which have a grained effect on the reverse).
Sizes: All our decking boards are available in 3.6-meter lengths are 143mm wide and 23mm high. At these dimensions, 2 boards or 7.2 linear meters of decking equates to 1 sq/meter of coverage.

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