Storage of Aluminium Rainwater & Coping Polyester Powder Coated products
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Storage of Aluminium Rainwater & Coping Polyester Powder Coated products

Don’t let your rainwater or aluminium coping products get damaged before they are installed on your building.

All polyester powder coated products, that are put away or stored outside, must be secured with a tarpaulin or like to prevent water entrance into the defensive polythene wrapping. 

The British Board of Agrement declaration for powder coating additionally exhorts covered items ought to be put away under cover and far from the likelihood of effect and the impacts of the climate (weather). 

If polyester powder coated items are not put away accurately a marvel known as "whitening" or "blanching" can happen on PPC covered things under specific conditions. 

On the off chance that water winds up caught inside the polythene wrapping and left presented to daylight and mugginess changes through light and evening, any dampness or build-up caught can be constrained into the covering and the outcome can be a surface shading change like that seen amid a penetrability test. 

In the event damage is caused by incorrect storage. AkzoNobel, a major paint manufacturer, have affirmed there is no impeding impact to the powder film and controlled warming of the part can as a rule redress the appearance.

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