VortX Floor Drains

PAM VortX offers a simplified range of floor drainage products for most applications Applications: • Suitable for all commercial and industrial applications • Grates available for tiled, marble, terrazzo, concrete, vinyl and resin floors. • Gratings Load class options as depicted in BS EN 1253: PAM VortX offers a simplified range of floor drainage products for most applications. > K3—Pedestrian areas and wet room applications such as shower areas, bathrooms, swimming baths, leisure centres, balconies, retail areas, hotels, offices,schools, public buildings, hospitals, prisons, terraces and roof gardens. > L15—Areas of light vehicular traffic such as cycle ways and domestic drives > M125—Car parks Features • Simplified range of trapped and untrapped cast iron gullies • Lighter weight P-Trap and S-Trap gullies • New cast iron modular gullies with spigot/ BSP outlets that configure to: > Deep sumps/bell traps/brewery traps • Gratings and rodding eyes: > Nickel bronze & stainless steel > Cast iron > New Anti-Ligature stainless-steel gratings • Full range of accessories > Funnels > Security screws > Cast iron raising pieces > Spigot adaptors for various pipe diameter connections Benefits • Simplified range easy to navigate and specify • S-trap offers space saving—only requiring a 180mm core hole > Saving cost • Cast iron gullies are robust and are grey epoxy coated • Spigot adaptors to connect to most pipe sizes and materials • New modular deep sump gullies that can configure to bell and brewery type traps.

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