Harmer Modulock Systems

Modulock Raised Deck Supports & Modulock Channel Drains are all part of the Harmer range of drainage products. Which means you can buy one complete system for your project.
The Modulock Pedestal comprises 14 basic modules, each with supporting head and base component, allowing a wide range of void heights. Modules are used either individually or in combination to give floor voids ranging from 37.5mm to 550mm. A stable sub-base and an adequate means of surface water drainage are virtually the only prerequisites for the use of the Modulock Pedestal system. Irregular,stepped, uneven or sloping sub-bases can usually be easily surmounted by the system resulting in a new levelraised floor.
The Modulock Pedestal and Modulock Uni-Ring Reinforced adjustment key raised deck supports are designed for use interraces, walkways, balconies and ballasted flat roof constructions. Also available are the Modulock Uni-Ring/Uni-Plus - Height Supports. The Uni-Ring gives a fixed height of 16mm. Shims offer fine adjustment in increments of 3mm and the Uni-Plus provides adjustment of 25-40mm.
The Harmer Modulock Channel Drainage range offers an efficient drainage solution that meets the need for Part M access compliance and the requirements for lasting quality and cost control. The range is available in a choice of two materials, stainless steel or galvanised mild steel. 
Straight Channel Lengths, Angles and Gratings
1000mm long x 150mm wide straight length shallow channels in three different heights of 30mm, 40mm and 50mm manufactured in stainless steel Grade 304 or galvanised mild steel. Slot or 9mm x 64mm grid gratings Load Class K3 are available in stainless steel Grade 304 or galvanised mild steel. Channel lengths are butt joined using an elongated strip that overlaps the join. The ends of the strip are site folded so as to fit through preformed slots in the side of the channel and then folded over to secure. 90º Channel Corner Angles and Gratings are also available.
Modulock Roof Channel Drains - Product Range
Gratings are available in the same choice of materials and with the added choice of either a grid or slot profile. The systems can be laid directly on the structural deck or fitted with height adjustable feet according to the build up required, and are rated Load Class K3. 
A choice of three different threaded adjusters provide additional height and correction for accurate levelling to thresholds and finishes over a range of 50mm to 150mm.
End Stops produced with elongated flanges are site folded so as to fit through preformed slots in the side of the channel and then folded over to secure. There is also a range of accessories for the Modulock Channel Drain system to ensure its successful installation in most types of roof construction. The range includes access chambers, gravel guards and drainage ducts. The access chambers are adjustable in height with 600mm extensions pieces available.

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